Cinderella Games

Cinderella is a well-loved children’s character that spans the generations and it can be so much fun playing Cinderella themed games with your children. They may also enjoy playing the games on their own as they get older as well. There are many different Friv games with a Cinderella theme that can be played.

On this site we have a lovely collection of Cinderella games. There are makeover and dress-up games, spot the difference and hidden numbers as well as kissing games. All have delightful pictures of Cinderella and sometimes her Prince Charming as well. The games are all suitable for children to play which means that you do not have to worry about them being inappropriate for them. There is lots of innocent fun, all based around the popular Fairy story and later Disney film. Some feature other familiar characters but many are just based around Cinderella herself.

Obviously the games are more appropriate for little girls to play, but younger boys may enjoy them as well. The dress-up and makeover games are very much more for a girls interest though although the puzzles and hidden numbers games may be more appealing for all children. As they get older, then girls may really relish the opportunity to practise different looks on a favourite fictional character.

The games can be a great opportunity for mothers and daughters to have ‘girly’ time together or for little girls to have some fun. There are so many different ones that there is never a chance to get bored. They can play one lots of times or try them all out and see which ones they like the best. Once one has been played a few times, there are plenty of others to have a go out and so plenty of fun to be had. Remember, although Cinderella is a children’s story character, there is nothing to stop grownups having a go at the games as well. They may bring back some great childhood memories or enable you to pick the ones that you feel your children will be the most interested in playing.

We add to the game regularly, so keep coming back to see what is new on the site. There is already a good selection though and so you can try out all of those games and may find a whole selection that you or your children want to keep playing again and again.